“Preparing the ink is a form of moving meditation during
  which I prepare mentally for the painting yet to be."
The art of brush painting, aims to depict the spirit, rather than the semblance of the object. In creating a picture the artist must grasp the spirit of the subject. Sumi-e attempts to capture the Chi or 'life spirit' of the subject, painting in the language of the spirit.


I look within and paint the essence.

Viewers can see their own essence.

I bring my meditation to the world
To you
To experience the same
The same recognition that we Are All One.

Awaken to the stirring within.

Mission Statement

To presence the spirit of our dreams, visions, and passions through the Zen art that I create by empowering the viewer to see from nothing, to have a beginners mind and that they are the Ones who make a difference.

To contribute to the funding of the Hunger Project and the Developing World Solar/Safe Drinking Water Project for a new global vision of Oneness and Equality.

My stand and my promise for the world is that all life is held as sacred and precious.


”Art is both love and friendship and understanding: the desire to give. It is not charity, which is, the giving of things. It is more than kindness, which is the giving of self. It is both the taking and giving of beauty, the turning out to the light of the inner folds of the awareness of the spirit. It is a recreation on another plane of the realities of the world; the tragic and wonderful realities of earth and men, and of all the interrelations of these.” Ansel Adams


Creation of Freedom  1967 Chicago   7.25” x 7.25”
sepia water color on Arches Watercolor paper mould made 100% cotton

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> Hear Richard Collins about Creation of Freedom

Original Water color by Richard Collins
Barbara, who was my beloved wife and mother of our child Mark,  Mrs. Barbara Collins-Ferolo (my Guardian Angel now and then) Evanston, Illinois. Painted in the summer of 1967 captured right after she took a bath and shower and took a moment to relax ...I saw the moment and was inspired to paint it in Sepia tone water color to capture the Love and Timelessness of the beauty, her love of independence, her thirst for life; the light that day from our bedroom window in our Apartment strengthens the execution of my painting impression of beauty with the Angelic quality that is present. I feel humbled to say it is most possibly my finest work to date, the lines of the women's back...I see them as lines of God of grace, joy, and The Eternal...and it just plain makes my Heart smile with Love. And in that expression others see it for themselves.

For the bounty & blessings, for the love of life & living, contributing, her vision, her imagination of a future unbounded, to all that knew Barbara…

As I reflect back In the spirit and influenced by these masters i.e.; Renoir...Manet...Degas in the spirit of the impressionists and what they risked and stood for Refined Elegance style, Unique strength of execution, fresh being "the expression of all happiness”...purity, light, very pretty, beauty.

Size of Fabrino water color paper: 91/2” x 101/2" / IMAGE Size: 7 x 7
Impermanence- “the dance-Koi”  26.5” x 36”  Acrylic Sumi-e’ style on stretched canvas
MUSASHI-“Two heavens as ONE”  8” x 9.5” Acrylic/on handmade heavy watercolor paper deckle edge
Ring of Fire-“the dance of love”  16” x 20”  Acrylic/Ink on stretched canvas
HAKU -“every dream is possible”   23.5” x 17.5” Pastel/Acrylic/Ink on Pastel board paper
Counter Point  10.5” x 13.5”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper 
Beginnings & Enjoyment  8.5” x 11”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper white 
Forgiveness  10.5” x 13.5”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper 
the Gap #1  17.5” x 22”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper rice 
the Gap #1  17.5” x 22”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper rice 
Ultimate Expression  19” x 25.5”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper 
Window on the Future  17.5” x 22.5”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper rice 
Loving Impulses  22.5” x 30.25”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper  
New desires  19” x 25.5”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper 
Detachment   17.5” x 22.5”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper rice 
Timeless #2  17.5” x 22.5”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper rice 
Space between Thoughts  19” x 25.5”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper rice 
Timelessness #1  38” x 50”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper rice 
Growths Splendor  38” x 50”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper rice 
Harmonies Vibes  10.5” x 13.5”  Sumi-e’ Ink/paper rice 

Richard Collins, Artist Biography

He has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. “I have been an artist for over 55 years. Studied with many mentors both locally & internationally, it is what calls me, to be the painter, it is a privilege to take the time & too see the world newly, rather than looking at it. To be exploring and contributing, and being in the question, what is it that I can contribute to anther?

He has composed a richly layered portfolio, which includes traditional, contemporary & abstract; Sumi-e’ ZEN paintings, water colors, mixed media, oils & acrylics. Many hang in corporate & private residences in both the United States and internationally. His clients include Sports heroes, Music and Film celebrities, Heads of Corporations and people who prefer anonymity. He is most interested in paintings that light people up, inspire “igniting the spirit”; he is on a mission to keeping “it simple “ZEN like, and creating joy to his clients.

Born the youngest of 3 brothers of Russian, Polish, Irish parents and raised in Chicago, Illinois, where his is younger years where filled with many challenges and much Love. He would spend his free time visiting nature, the art institute of Chicago, and taking many cross country trips by car and traveled throughout the USA & Canada with his parents expanding his horizons & dreams. In his teens & young adult life he struggled with Art & Architecture putting aside his Art for a career in Architecture and to study with his mentor the wonder and refining his knowledge of art and architecture, who had been a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, encouraged to be bold and innovative in all aspects of the Arts.

Attending De Paul University & the Art institute of Chicago opened the way for a broad liberal Arts education where he became fascinated with Japanese art and Culture. Being a student of Ikebana, Bonsai, Go, Japanese Gardening and Sumi-e’, he became aware, that everything has its natural harmony and balance. After 32 years, he went back to formal studies, completing his 1st year of graduate studies at U.S.M. in spiritual psychology where a new door opened up. He stepped through it, to rediscover his passion and love for beauty and life, the essence, the spirit, the contribution. That “ART” touches the heart of the matter within us, that we can see, child like…newly.

Richard’s images are about impacting the human soul, “the human experience", (if we stop and take a moment we have the capacity to see) he explains. "My paintings are meant to take us the viewer into a new and wonderful space, creating a future that would not be possible unless we begin to take a stand for it; causing regeneration of the human soul, spirit and of the planet itself. This is who I am and this is what you can count on". Painting Images that create, a world where...people are inspired and are empowering each other’s visions.

What is it that I could be requested to paint for you that would inspire you today and tomorrow and the next moment to moment…?